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Something to think about!

With 2022 right around the corner, I find myself sitting here brainstorming on how to make 2022 better than 2021.  As the pandemic of COVID19 is still looming over our heads, it's hard to define "better."

From a financial standpoint, I've been blessed with the birth of my long awaited prince.  With this new blessing, I substantially have decreased my working hours from my secular job to be with my newborn.  Which has been well worth it, might I add.  However, now that he is here, I have a new sense of purpose and determination.  I am OBSESSED with securing his future so that he can do and be whatever his heart and mind desire.  In order to provide him with such, I have been thinking of all the ways I can change my financial situation from living check to check to abundance and wealth.  I have significantly reduced spending on the insignificant things and invested time and money to courses to prepare me for life as an entrepreneur.

From an emotional aspect, I find myself smiling a lot more now that my Sonshine is here.  His happiness and satisfaction give me the sense of instant gratification.  Watching him develop and learn new things on a daily basis has been awesome.  I look forward to having the time and freedom to be able to cherish these little moments.  I am looking forward to creating more opportunities for self care in 2022.  Some self care items that I have written down are bi weekly manis and pedis, monthly hair appointments, facials, a variety of massages, girls nights out and date nights (gotta keep the romance alive!).  

This time of the year is celebratory, indeed, a time to reflect on all of our accomplishments and failures and evaluate how we will move forward in a positive note.  Something to think about! 

Tata for now!